2023/2024 Successes


Congratulations to all of our skaters who participated in competitions this year! You were all fantastic and we are thrilled to celebrate your successes this year!

Congratulations to each skater’s coach for creating outstanding routines and working hard with our skaters to make these milestones possible!

Provincial Series #1 KIS




Star 1-4 Orono

Provincial Series #7 – Bowmanville

Provincial Series #11 – Brampton

Star 1-4 Newmarket Ice Blitz


Skating as a team takes a lot of work and perseverance to be cohesive as a group, to create a beautiful skate with each other. Georgina Skating club is proud to highlight our members who participated in Synchro competitively this season. You were all amazing and your teamwork and skills are admirable.

Additionally, creating a routine that is able to showcase all of each skaters unique skills that they carry as individuals and combine them into one is truly something to celebrate on it’s own and we cannot thank these coaches enough for making that happen. A huge congratulations goes out to all the skaters and coaches who made this a successful year!