KIS Competition

KIS – (Keswick Invitational Skate) is the Club’s largest and most important fundraiser. Traditionally held in November, it is the 3rd largest competition in our Section. We draw approximately 700 skaters from all over Ontario to compete. This event is a 3-day venue that offers categories for skaters competing at the TEST level. Many volunteers are needed for this event to play music, run judges’ sheets to the accountants, help in the kitchen, be ice captains and much more. If you are able to lend your services for a couple of hours it would be greatly appreciated.


The KIS competition for 2018 will be held on November 23, 24 and 25th.

2017 KIS Competition

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Congratulations to The Georgina Skating Club for winning the 2017 KIS trophy!

2016-2017 Skate Canada – Central Ontario Well Balanced Program (WBP) Technical Package

For a complete list of Skate Ontario competitions, please visit the Skate Ontario Event page.

Be sure to discuss which competitions you’re thinking of entering with your private coach.  This way they can help you with the application process as well as provide you with the information and help needed when choosing a competition.