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KIS – (Keswick Invitational Skate) is the Club’s largest and most important fundraiser. It is the 3rd largest competition in our Section. We draw approximately 700 skaters from all over Ontario to compete. This event is a 3-day venue that offers categories for skaters competing at the TEST level for StarSkate 5-10.

The KIS competition for 2023 will be held on November 24, 25 and 26th.

K.I.S. Volunteer Sign Up

Our volunteer sign-up links for the K.I.S. competition are now open!  Below you will find the links for the adult sign-up and the student sign-up. Also, you will find the link to the schedule and group lists, so you can plan your hours around your skater’s schedule, if necessary.  Remember that no experience is required for most jobs – we will help you learn your job when you arrive.

Thank-you for doing your part to make our competition a success.  Please remember that StarSkate families in Pre-Bronze to Gold are required to give a minimum of 8 Adult hours and that children may not accompany adults when they are volunteering, unless they have been officially signed up as a student volunteer.  High school students are welcome to sign up for time slots using the student sign up.

We know that many families go above and beyond this weekend – you are so appreciated!

Adult Sign up:


Student Sign up:


K.I.S. Schedule (Subject to Change):


Group Lists (Subject to Change):


If you have any questions, please email volunteerwithgsc@gmail.com

The Georgina Skating Club, KIS Committee