What is StarSkate?

StarSkate is the next step for skaters who have completed the CanSkate program and are interested in figure skating. Our StarSkate skaters are split into groups based on ability and number of skaters registered. Criteria to move to the next level varies and can depend on space available.

We offer 4 StarSkate levels: Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver and Gold.


This program is an introduction to figure skating for those who have completed the CanSkate program. While most of the Pre-Bronze program instruction occurs on the ice, skaters now begin off-ice training on Thursdays.

Strong basic skills are enhanced with additional instruction on spins and jumps. Skaters will be on the ice twice a week with each class fully coached. Since this program is fully coached, private lessons are not available.


This program is for skaters demonstrating strong basic skating skills. These skaters are now ready to begin working in the categories of Skate Canada’s STAR 1-5 program.

Our Bronze program takes place over 3 days per week with group instruction on Mondays and a fully coached session on Saturdays. In addition, since off-ice training is such an important part of a skater’s training, we are pleased to include this in our Bronze program.

At this level, skaters also have the option of adding extra training (through open sessions or other programming) should they wish to do so. Private or semi-private lessons are recommended for this level.

For more information on private coaching please visit us at 

Silver and Gold

These programs continue the foundation skaters develop from our Pre-Bronze and Bronze programs.

Our Silver and Gold programs take place over 4 days per week with fully coached Saturdays and off-ice training one day a week.

Skaters can also register for additional Open sessions to add to their training.


Starting at the Bronze level, private or semi-private lessons are recommended.

All of our coaches are Skate Canada Certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). All of our coaches are self-employed and therefore must be approached directly for lesson inquiry. Please feel free to talk to any of our coaches for references, qualifications, and availability. Many of our coaches work at more than one club so availability will vary. Private coaching arrangements are between the skater, parent/guardian and coach, not the Club. If you have any concerns, please speak with your skater’s coach directly.

StarSkate Volunteer Hour Requirements

The Georgina Skating Club hosts the K.I.S. Competition annually. This event brings skaters from across the province to compete in Georgina and is the club’s largest fundraiser. All StarSkate families are asked to sign the “Volunteer Hour Policy” upon registration. This policy may vary slightly each season, depending on what competitions and events are being hosted, so please review it each season.

If you have any questions regarding volunteer hour requirements, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

What is the Skate Canada membership fee?

All skaters must be registered with Skate Canada prior to taking to the ice. The annual membership fee for the 2023/2024 season will be $58.65. This annual Skate Canada membership and insurance is valid from September 1st 2023 to August 31st 2024. This fee is 100% non-refundable.

Who do I contact for more information?

For questions regarding programming, please contact our Program Coordinator at

For questions regarding registration, please contact our Registrar at

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