How do you HOEDOWN?


The Georgina Skating Club is proud to be a recipient of proceeds from the 29th Annual Magna Hoedown!

The Magna Hoedown has supported York Region charities and community groups since 1988 and is York Region’s largest annual fundraiser.  With amazing performers such as  Alan Doyle from Great Big Sea and Paul Brandt in 2016, Dallas Smith, The Road Hammers and Jim Cuddy in 2015, the 2017 performers are highly anticipated.

Hoedown funds that the Georgina Skating Club will receive will go towards specific projects including:

  • purchasing equipment
  • hosting the alumni weekend
  • launching adult skating
  • synchronized skating teams
  • upgrading signage
  • creating a skater recognition plaque
  • expanding the KIS competition
  • training for coaches and board members

To support the Georgina Skating Club, purchase your tickets on sale here.

We hope to see you there!

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