All of our coaches are Skate Canada Certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).
Our coaches are contracted with our club to provide group instruction to fulfill the club’s needs.
The club then allows the coaches to teach on the club’s ice time to give skaters privately arranged instruction.
All of our coaches are self-employed and therefore must be approached directly for lesson inquiry. A list of coaches on staff will be found on the bulletin board.
Please feel free to talk to any of our coaches for references, qualifications, and availability. Many of our coaches work at more than one club.

Colline Theodoru

Colline has been coaching since 1994, and with GSC since 2000.
Provincially certified in 3 disciplines (singles, dance, synchro) as well as Nationally trained.
CanPowerskate and Special Olympics certification, as well as being  a Star 1-5 Assesor.
Teaches all displines (singles, dance, skills, synchro) at all levels.
Has had MANY skaters achieve their Gold Tests in multiple disciplines.
Program Administrator for Georgina Skating Club.

Ashley Evison

Ashley has been coaching since 2003.  She coaches all levels from CanSkate to adults and has worked with national and international Skaters.  As a skater, she has passed many high level tests (Quad Gold (Freeskate, Dance, Skills, Artistic) Diamond Dances, Novice singles Competitive, Novice Dance Competitive)).  In addition, she has worked with AAA, JR.A, OHL, NCAA, AHL level hockey players and teams focusing as an edge and turn specialist, and power skating.
Ashley can be emailed at:
Or by cell:  905-967-2842

Linda Daniel – Athletic Therapist

Linda is a Canadian Certified Athletic Therapist with over 20 years experience working with athletes.
She worked at the Sports Injury Clinic at York University for 10 years. Her training includes; Myofacial release, McConnell instability course, Cranial Sacrial Therapy and Muscle Energy Therapy.

Jenny Fleming

Jenny has been coaching since 2011 and coaches all levels, including provincial competitors.  She is a former competitor herself, and passed three gold levels (dance, skills, freeskate).
Jenny coaches all levels and disciplines and specializes in freeskate.
Jenny can be reached by email at:

Rachelle O’Donnell

Rachelle is regionally certified with 15 years experience between being a PA as well as a coach and was formerly a GSC member and competitive skater.  She enjoys coaching all different ages from CanSkate to adult. She looks forward to watching skaters progress over the years as they grow.
Rachelle can be reached at 

Daniella Bell – Regional Coach (In Training)

Daniella began her coaching journey as a Program Assistant for the Georgina Skating Club.  Her passion for the amazing skating programs offered through the Club and Skate Canada fuelled her desire to continue sharing effective techniques and skills.  Her love for working with skaters of all ages and her passion for synchronized skating have kept her involved at various levels and forms for many years.  Daniella is a current member of the Gold Ice Synchronized Skating Junior team and thoroughly enjoys the camaraderie and challenges presented while training as part of an internationally competing team.  Daniella is both NCCP Canskate Coach and NCCP Regional Coach (In Training), is currently working on her level certification, and is thrilled to be assisting with coaching synchronized skating with the Georgina Ice-Ations this season.  To discuss coaching opportunities for your skater, Daniella can be reached at

Sydney Lefebvre

Sydney began her coaching experience as a program assistant at GSC.  Sydney has  also competed in the Star skate stream for many years.  Sydney is NCCP Canskate certified coach and NCCP Regional Coach in training and is currently working on becoming fully certified.  Sydney enjoys helping the skaters reach their goals and potential.  To discuss coaching opportunities for your skater, Sydney can be reached at

Alison Brown

Sierra Snow

Sierra has been skating with the Georgina Skating Club since she was three and was a program assistant for many years before becoming a coach.  She has competitive experience in freeskate, artistic and synchronized skating and also has achieved high test levels in dance and skills.  Sierra enjoys the team coaching atmosphere in Georgina and is excited to see the skaters progress each session.

Kaycie Gumpenberger

Madison Beck