Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Congratulations! Your skater has progressed to our Bronze session and is ready to find a private coach. Please find some helpful information and tips below on how to make this transition.

How Should I Select a Coach for my Skater?

As skaters have different styles of learning, and all coaches have different styles of teaching. It is important to do your research and ask questions to ensure you find the best match.

1. Visit our website to find information about our coaching team.
2. Each coach has their own coaching style. Observe the coach on ice and their interactions with the skaters. Personal fit is very important.
3. Ask your skater if there is a particular coach they are interested in working with. Our skaters have the opportunity to work with a number of coaches throughout our Intro, CanSkate and Pre-Bronze programs, so they may have a preference. It is common practice to ask multiple coaches for lessons in the initial months to help your skater find the best fit. Openly state that you are exploring all your options and be sure to let each coach know when you’ve made your coaching decisions.
4. Talk to other parents and skaters.
5. Consider how many lessons a week you are interested in. Are you solely interested in private lessons or are semi-private/small group lessons an option?

All of our coaches are Skate Canada Certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). All of our coaches are self-employed and therefore must be approached directly for lesson inquiry. Please feel free to talk to any of our coaches for references, qualifications, and availability. Many of our coaches work at more than one club, so availability will vary.

What Questions Should I Ask the Coach?

Once you have decided on a potential coach or two, the next step is to reach out to them for more information. Here are some general questions you may want to ask:

1. What sessions will the coach be available? Do they have space for your skater?
2. What discipline(s) do they specialize in? Most StarSkate coaches can teach all disciplines (Dance, Skills, Freeskate) to start. As skaters progress, they may work with more than one coach as coaches often specialize in different areas. The Georgina Skating Club takes pride in our “team coaching” philosophy and encourages skaters to work with more than one coach to achieve their goals.
3. What level of training and experience does the coach have?

Once you have determined which coach you are interested in, there are additional questions you may want to ask:

1. What are their fees? It is important to ask about fees for lessons, music, competitions, and test days.
2. How will the coach invoice and what is their preferred method of payment?
3. What is their cancellation policy for missed lessons,etc.?

Please do not interrupt the coach while they are in a lesson with another skater or coaching other programs. It is best to reach out and set up a time to speak that is convenient for both you and the coach.

What should I do if I have a concern with my coach?

It is not unusual to have ups and downs between the coach, skater and parents. Most concerns can be dealt with by directly expressing concerns to your coach and by seeking solutions from their expertise. Please remember, private/semi-private coaching arrangements are between the skater, parent/guardian and coach, not the Club. If you have any concerns, please speak with your skater’s coach directly and privately.

How do I change coaches?

While this may feel difficult, there are some ways to help smooth the transition of a coaching change.

1. Talk to your current coach about your decision. While giving a reason is not necessary, it should be considered as a courtesy.
2. Reach out to your potential new coach to confirm availability.
3. Ensure you have settled any outstanding fees with your current coach. Note that the Georgina Skating Club may suspend the accounts of members who have unpaid coaching fees, as they would be considered not in “good standing” with the Club.